Best places to watch France play the Soccer World Cup in NYC?

NYC soccer bars

This website talks about quite a few spots where you can watch soccer in NYC, but I would really appreciate comments on some of those bars and advices from anyone who's planning on following France. I heard that
Nevada Smiths for exemple was pretty packed... Thanks!

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Patrick Kavanagh's on 33rd street & 3rd Avenue is a good place to watch thr World Cup. It isn't as packed as evada Smiths but they've been showing football there for years & it has a good crowd
Comme je serai sur NY à partir du 11 juillet, si la France va en finale, j'aurai au moins ces deux adresses... :o)
Meli-Melo, restaurant 110 Madison Avenue (@29th). Ecran geant, ambiance assuree et surtout il y a la cuisine du Chef Bernard. A ne pas manquer!
C'est un bar aussi, donc pas necessaire de dejeuner/diner
Cafe Charbon in Lower East Side Corner of Orchard and Stanton
Le resto chic, OPIA.

Cherche plus.
OPIA it is...
My husband's bar, Zebulon, will be showing all the world cup games on a big projection screen. It is located in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Ici, dans le Hell's Kitchen "Lansdowne Road", 599 Tenth Ave. (between 43rd & 44th St.) (212) 239-8020 on a beaucoup de Tele ecrans avec le football chaque jour & soir. Bon repas & biere, pas chere.
Tonic Sports Bar
727 7th Ave
New York city NY

365 Third Avenue
New York NY 10016
uptoWn: Opia
midtoWn: meli-melo
doWntoWn: le cercle rouge
Just in New York it is a question. With probably exception of North Korea in totality of countries where the foot-ball is played there is a good place to watch the matches in South Africa with no one excepcional search.
Tonic - 3rd Ave @29th street...grands ecrans, bonne accoustic et surtout, terrasse et rooftop....Si suffisament de francais y vont voir les matches des bleus on pourra le considerer comme un bar francais


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