Hello everyone.

Happy to be a part of this forum. I'm American. My husband is French. We have a 3-yr old boy. We live in Paris currently but are coming to NYC for about 3 weeks. We're considering moving back to NYC (I'm from NYC).

I'd love to see if we could coordinate a playdate or meet others at an activity while we're visiting.

If anyone is interested or knows of any fun events, I'd be so happy to let me know.


Courtney Joubeaud

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you must go to the CMA museum for children  in charlton street

call me when you are in new york I am mother of twins and love to help you

brgittte 1 212 780 0932

Hi Brigitte! Thanks so much for getting back to me! It's so nice of you and  I would love to meet up with you all. We only have 2 days left before we head to Arizona for a week. I will see if we can arrange it with my husband (based on last minute items anf family events).

All my best,




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