The program was initiated by Francophone parents who wanted their children to learn in their native language and Anglophone parents who wished their children to acquire a second language.

At PS 133, these parents found a supportive learning community led by Principal Heather Foster-Mann, who welcomed parent and community participation to build a Dual-Language Program (DLP) that will enrich children of all backgrounds.

The first DLP class began in 2011 with one kindergarten class. The following year, the school expanded to two kindergarten classes in French and also began our first Spanish Dual-Language Program class. As these classes move up all the way to 5th grade, the Dual-Language Programs grows with them. Starting this September, PS 133 is adding a Pre-K class to the program.

You can also visit our Facebook page -  J'aime PS 133 - or check out the school's website.

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Heather FOSTER-MANN, Principal

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French Dual-Language Program
Grades: pre-K to 3



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PS 133 in Brooklyn, New York is looking for exceptional candidates to for  its French dual language program that began in September 2011.  Located in a small, vibrant school, the French dual language program is accepting applications for its kindergarten class for September 2012. 

PS 133 is seeking to hire a teacher with New York State certification (Grades 1-6), American citizenship and/or permanent residency who is fluent in French and English.  Please send your resume and cover letter in English as well as a French writing sample to Mrs. Heather Foster-Mann, Principal, at

Dear friends ,

I am French and I have been teaching high school students for 30 years. We rae located in the French Caribbean on the island of Guadeloupe. I am looking for contacts for my students aged 15 to over 18. 
Please let me know if you are interested in exchanging mail and via SKYPE.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly

Maryse Preira


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