Bonjour a tous les profs de francais! 

We would like to introduce our website C'est Parti (see also our Facebook) , associated with C'est Parti, the collaborative, interactive and free online level textbook. 

On or website (for absolutely free) you will find:

10 chapters following Dave, Justine, Clara and Lamine, on their adventures in France. Each chapter covering a specific language skill within the level one curriculum. 


- Audio dialogues, pictures, illustrations, grammar lessons, tasks and more.


- Hundreds of interactive exercices.


- A way to create your own lessons, and exercices, share it online or in class with your students, and grade homework online.


All of this is is free, and the content on the website can be used, re-used and shared. 

We look forward to your feedback on this! See below a few commented snapshots of the website!


C'est Parti! :)



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Est-ce qu'on peut toujours accéder le contenu de "C'est Parti"?? Le site ne marche plus....


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