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Paris and Charles Marville tonight at the NYU Maison Francaise

 January 30th, 7:00pm

An illustrated event

NYU Maison Francaise at 16 Washington Mews

Free and Open to the Public


Marville's Paris:

A Study of Urban Change

Peter Sramek

Thursday, January 30th, 7:00 p.m.…


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Chicago, Los Angeles et Orlando à l'honneur des 24 Heures Chrono de l'International





Les 14 et 15 janvier dernier, l'émission Les 24 Heures Chrono de l'International, co-produite par Mondissimo et TV5 Monde ont mis à l'honneur trois villes américaines: Chicago, Los Angeles et…


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How to Develop Your Child's Fine Motor Skills

By Joesy Finn

Parents should help their children develop their fine motor skills as they are going to be required to use them once they reach their school years. Some of these skills are: how to handle a pen or pencil, draw, paint or play a musical instrument. Fine motor skills allow children to become more independent, and although they are matured over time,…


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Five Ways to Help Your Child's Gross Motor Skills

By Joesy Finn

From birth and throughout their early childhood, children develop certain skills and abilities that help them survive in the outside world, relate to others and so on. There are two main types of skills that children should acquire during these first years: gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

The former are related to your…


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Good morning.

My name is Mr Kabine Doumbia.

I'm in New York and I'm looking for work in all areas.


- Master2 in International Law compares to the environment.

- Masters in Business Law,

- Degree in Private Law

- Technician in Social Work;

- Private detective Belgian diploma

- Appointed Ambassador of Peace in Mali by the International Federation for World Peace.


Je me nomme Mr Kabine Doumbia…


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Learning French through Music

Fifty songs to learn many different aspects of the French language through music.…


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Papiers-Mâchés  https://sites.google.com/a/nyu.edu/papiers-maches/  (New York University, French Department) est basé sur une riche variété de textes littéraires francophones et d’articles d’idées. L’utilisateur est guidé dans son travail…


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Our 2014 Spring After School semester is now open

Bonjour NY is happy to announce that registration for our 2014 Spring After School semester is now open 

Join us for a fun semester filled with…


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Le theatre francophone dans un milieu chaleureux

Facebook page

Dear Performers and Fans


We are a group of artists focused on French culture and theatre. With our 2013 to 2014 season, we are excited to offer a wide variety of artistic opportunities and fulfill our commitment to our…


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Using Educational Activities to Help Children Learn

By Sunil Keshari

A wide range of educational activities are available to children of all ages to help the process of learning. Most of the more-effective toys are designed to focus on certain learning areas that are able to spark a child's interests. Educational toys are perfect in a variety of situations, but are certain to help those children that are hoping…


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Bonjour NY is happy to announce that our French After School Semester is about to start

Bonjour NY is happy to announce that our French After School Spring Semester is about to start
We offer several French immersion programs for all levels (beginners are welcome) in many NYC public schools: French and Fun, French cooking, multisports, French and Arts....
For a complete list of classes and schools, please visit our website: www.bonjourny.com

Register online…


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How to Teach Nursery Rhymes to Children

By Kirstylee L Moody

Nursery Rhymes are a great way to teach phonemic awareness. The rhyming, alliteration, and obvious tempo they provide really help children understand the process of reading. Nursery rhymes are also great tools for teaching word parts like syllables and blends. They are very helpful and there are plenty of ways to use them in…


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American french family wants to swap San Francisco house for your NY appartment in April

San Franciscan French American family for the Lycee francais de San Francisco LFSF seeking a family from the LFNY community for a home swap during April break , for one week between April 12th and 27th. We are a family of 4.

We regularly swap homes for 9 years now, it always has been a very good experience.

More details about the house on www.homeforexchange.com go to advanced search and enter listing number 2949.



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Engaging Children in the Sciences

By Dominic Parsonson

Schooling has advanced dramatically since we were younger, access to technology has increased, and children are exposed to more than we ever were during our youth - but is that enough?

Do you remember when your child was young, or are you going through it at the moment?

Why is the sky…


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The ultimate tipping tip

So, do you tip?

It’s quite an uncomfortable question and it can be quite the uncomfortable situation, no?

It’s easy when you go out to a nice restaurant with friends or a hot date and the service is top notch, but what if it’s not the best?

It’s funny how paying your bill can get so complicated.

Check out the article below for an interesting perspective about this and watch the video for some French that pays!

(This week: the verb PAYER – to…


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How to Organize Your Home for Educational Success

By Ronnie Phillips

Parents need to organize their homes to be conducive to an educational environment for their children. Homes that are conducive to education have developed an environment that will increase the academic preparedness for their children. In our society, children need all the advantages necessary to become well-educated and if…


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