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Lille Region in NY City 2011 : The region introduction
















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The Power Struggle

By LaToya Dawkins


As human beings, there is an adrenaline power within us that is inexplicable. Ask the mother who lifted a car to save her trapped baby or the little girl who pushed her sister out of the way of a moving truck and lost one leg and broke a few ribs. Also, there is a daily power in us that allows us to make it through the day and function effectively even when we are mentally and physically exhausted. Then…


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Francais pour mes deux enfants 4 et 5 ans


Je cherche une personne (AVEC EXPERIENCE D'ENSEIGNEMENT pour enfants) de langue maternelle francaise pour donner des cours de francais a mes deux enfants durant la semaine.  Je voudrais commencer avec une heure puis augmenter les heures avec le temps. Personne doit etre dynamique et joyeuse et aimer les enfants.


Merci de me contacter au

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Interview sur TropiquesFM à propos de "L'arbre à plumes"

Bonjour à tous les NYiF!
Lors de mon passage à Paris pour le Salon du Livre de Paris (mars 2011), Jean-Jacques Seymour m’a reçue dans les studios de Tropiques FM.
Durant son émission, non sans une certaine ferveur, nous avons évoqué l’univers du roman et du conte caribéens.
Pour écouter l'interview taper

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Une Semaine à La Maison Française de NYU - du 28 mars au 1er avril 2011

Monday, March 28, 7:00 p.m.


CNRS-EHESS; author of Le Savoir des genres; Le Genre littéraire

Barthes: la vie en forme de…


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Morphing Into a Butterfly

By LaToya Dawkins


In my class, we read a book called The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle that explains how a very hungry caterpillar ate so much food to prepare for his transformation into his cocoon and then into a beautiful butterfly. It is a fun story that gets my students into counting and enthused about all the different types of foods he ate. It also goes through the four phases of the butterfly; the egg, larvae,…


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Signature de la préface d'une collection tendre et mélodieuse

En qualité d'auteur jeunesse, spécialiste de la petite enfance, je signe la préface d'une toute nouvelle collection de 4 livres CD chez " Eveil et découvertes " en partenariat avec l'émission de télévision LES MATERNELLES. 



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Carole Fredericks at l'internat d'Excellence de Sourdun et du lycée des Panevelles à Provins

Carole Fredericks presentation by Connie Fredericks-Malone at l'internat d'Excellence de Sourdun et du lycée des Panevelles à Provins March 11

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Opening of a New French Track at Hunter College School of Education

Dear Francophone teachers and friends,


Many of you have expressed great interest in teaching in French dual language programs.  We wish to announce that the faculty at Hunter College School of Education plans to add a French track to its Bilingual Education programs. 


Based in New York City, Hunter College has offered the Master’s in Bilingual Education for Spanish-speaking teacher-candidates since 1983, as well an a bilingual extension for those who already…


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The French Heritage Language Program Honors its Partners and Friends

As part of the 2011 "Mois de la francophonie", a gathering of over 200 partners, friends, sponsors and beneficiaries of the French Heritage Language Program attended its milestone "réception de l'amitié francophone" on March 15th at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. They were welcomed by Antonin Baudry, Cultural Counselor of the French Embassy, and Jane Ross, President of the French Heritage Language Program's advisory board. 

To the tune of cheerful live Haitian music…


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Une semaine à La Maison Française de NYU - du 21 au 26 mars, 2011

Monday, March 21, 7:00 p.m.

Florence Gould Event

French Literature in the Making


Novelist; author of Les Travaux d'Hercule; L'Avenir; Dans ces bras là; Tissé par mille; Romance nerveuse…


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How To Help Your Preschooler Make Friends and Not Enemies

By LaToya Dawkins


I know a woman who battled with friendships her entire life but I remember the day that she realized the solution of her struggle, “In order to have a friend, you have to be a friend.” Friendships are solid relationships where those involved benefit from the constant exchange of communication, empathy, and love. In life, it is easy to gain a friend but twice as easy to lose a one. It is important that our…


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French Culture Nights takes you to Opia Lounge to celebrate the latest book by gastronomy experts "Les Pintades" - March 23, 2011

The French Culture Nights is proud to celebrate the release of “Les Pintades passent à la casserole”, a unique travel guidebook about food and gastronomy by widely acclaimed culinary wizzards "Les Pintades". The book is an insightful exploration into our eating habits and doubles as a cookbook. Layla Demay will be present at the event to sign and…

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Un grand bonjour de la Guadeloupe !

Bonjour à tous,


Je suis une romancière de la Caraïbe, née en Martinique, vivant en Guadeloupe.

Pour avoir un aperçu de mes différentes activités, vous pouvez visiter mon blog et me laisser votre contact sur :

A bientôt.


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Correspondance scolaire New York/ Perpignan

La semaine dernière, nous avons reçu une enveloppe en provenance de France. Très curieux, les élèves de 1st grade ont lu le nom de leur école, l'adresse, la ville. Puis ils se sont intéressés à l'expéditeur : les élèves de CP de l'école Jules Ferry à Perpignan. Quelle joie!!!Ouverture de l'enveloppe, et découverte des lettres. Ils trépignaient d'impatience et voulaient tous lire la lettre envoyée par leur correspondant. Mais une…


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Helping Your Child Communicate Better

By LaToya Dawkins


          Some of our preschoolers have the gift of talking, while others can go through an entire day without saying a word. Some learn how to talk before they learn how to walk and others after. Often times, parents are concerned if their children do not begin to talk at their expected age because being able to verbally express yourself is a sign of intelligence. Yes, talking is important but communicating…


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Hello all - NOS STATES & Afterart Productions are sponsoring a slam/freestyle contest in Paris (the theme is the USA) this June 2011 and we are coming to NYC in the fall - probably October - with the winners. We are looking for venues that might be interested in hosting an evening of French slam/freestyle. Please consult our website for further details, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Merci!…


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Festival "Premiere Scene", we won the "Grand Prize"!!

The children from "LLS" won the 2011 "Grand Prize" at the Festival "Premiere Scene" at the Lycee Francais, performing "Le Royaume des Declarations" written and directed by Stephanie Fribourg!

Added by Stephanie Fribourg-L'Oiseau Bleu on March 14, 2011 at 10:20am — 1 Comment

Students discover Carole Fredericks at Fontainebleau!

Jeudi 10 mars 2011, au théâtre municipal de Fontainebleau, 280 élèves de première et terminale ont ainsi découvert la vie et le parcours incroyable de Carole Fredericks, contée par sa sœur Connie Fredericks Malone (…)…


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