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French Independents from the Ghett’Out Film Festival at BAMcinématek

The Ghett'Out Film Festival comes to New York, highlighting the work of filmmakers on the fringes of the French film industry. Many of the filmmakers are minorities from low-income backgrounds and self-taught; they are the leaders of a new New Wave in France. BAMcinématek is proud to present these selections from the festival in partnership with the …


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Conference at City University of NY: Endangered regional languages of France

As our planet becomes more globalized it is expected that thousands of languages will become extinct by the end of the century. We ask that you join BZH New York as we team up with other French regional associations of NY (Alsace, Basque, Corsica) for a conference at City University of NY to highlight the endangered status of regional…


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Le Cannet and the Chocolate Festival and Room for Dinner

Just what is a "Cannet" and why am I even going there in the first place? Good questions. A week ago I was in Beaulieu-sur-Mer recovering from a fishing expedition with my friend Luc. Suffice to say it truly was an "expedition" and after a sumptuous feast, I felt I needed a week's bed rest. I eventually regained sufficient strength and was…


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Win Two Tickets to Kaïssa upcoming concert ! Gagnez deux tickets pour le prochain concert de Kaïssa!

Hailing from the Republic of Cameroon and its vibrant culture, Kaissa has become an unmistakable representative of African music to the planet. An aural artisan whose music paints a lush, vivid picture of the ever-changing world around her, Kaissa’s voice simultaneously showcases warmth, appreciation, struggle and…


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New Hit: French song "Zou Bisou Bisou" (for Mad Men fans...)

"The centerpiece of the Mad Men Season 5 premiere is a song sung by Don Draper's young wife Megan (Jessica Paré), in full-on sex kitten mode, to Don, in front of many friends and coworkers, at his 40th birthday party. It's a catchy little number, with French lyrics (Megan is from Montreal, as is Paré). This being Mad Men, though, one has to ask: Why this song? Does it have some deeper meaning? Does it foreshadow what's to come this season"?

To read…


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La Saison des plages est presque là

Il y a quelques très belles plages sur Long Island qui sont accessibles en voiture et par le Long Island Rail Road. Les plages sur la rive sud de Long Island sont sableuses tandis que les plages sur la rive nord sont rocheuses. Maintenant la mer est très froide.  Elle se réchauffe lentement.  Elle est à son plus chaud en août.  Malheureusement…


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A minute of silence for that English teacher in Rouen

I suggest that we all observe a minute of silence for that English teacher in Rouen: you know, the one who recently asked her students to observe a minute of silence for a certain mass murderer whose victims, children included, have scarcely been laid to rest in their graves yet. I realize that the pedagog in question has  not yet been officially…


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Serions-nous victimes de notre langue ?

Bon courage ou enjoy? En Amérique, il est très rare d’entendre les gens se plaindre. De retour en France, c’est le rituel du Bon courage ! qui interpelle quotidiennement. Expression pour le moins surprenante. De quel courage parlons-nous ? Je n’allais pas au front à la guerre que je sache ! L’équivalent…


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Swordfish Niçoise - Espadon à la Niçoise

Fishing for dinner in the high seas off Beaulieu-sur-Mer


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My Transatlantic School: the future of education?

Who hasn’t had to make up an imaginary penpal to write to? Most of us can relate to that school experience, especially when learning languages. But My Transatlantic School is something else: imagine instead that the classroom extends beyond its physical borders and opens a door onto the world. You can do that in just a few clicks…actually, in the era…


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Victory at the “Festival Première Scène”, we won the Grand Prize again!!

For the last three years, I’ve been teaching theater in French at the “The Language and Laughter Studio”, a multicultural center founded by Pascale Setbon. Three years that the children and I have been participating to the annual Festival Première Scène.Three years that we’ve been winning the Grand Prize!


“The Festival…


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Searching for my American Dream

Camp Timberlake was an all-boys camp, which was part of a group of camps grouped under the generic name of Farm and Wilderness Camps. There were a total of seven camps including Indian Brook, an all-girls camp, Flying Clouds, a camp that specialized in trips and life in the wilderness. There was also the Barn Day camp for younger children.…


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Light around the world project

Spirituality, peace, love, harmony, knowledge and wisdom are by definition the Light that illuminates the world.

 My intention is to use the knowledge that I have attained through various spiritual practices to create and publish a book based on the “Light” (illumination) in different regions of various countries.

 The goal is to travel to these…


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A New York par Léopold Sédar Senghor

New York ! D'abord j'ai été confondu par ta beauté, ces grandes filles d'or aux jambes longues.

Si timide d'abord devant tes yeux de métal bleu, ton sourire de givre
Si timide. Et l'angoisse au fond des rues à gratte-ciel

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French Culture Nights presents French artists Marie Calfopoulos, Hélène Pé and DJ Vinny King on Thursday, March 22

On Thursday, March 22, the French Culture Nights will be held at World Bar with two visual artists, Marie Calfopoulos, Hélène Pé and DJ Vinny King. 

Let’s welcome the most pleasant season of the year at the French Culture Nights with photographer Marie Calfopoulos who offers an original and solar collection of photos along with painter Hélène Pé who expresses hlighthearted stories through her art. DJ Vinny King will play the songs we all love to dance and sing along…


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What's playing in New York? FrenchScreens in NY - March 15-28, 2012

Various locations around NY

Filming the Camps: John Ford, Samuel Fuller, George Stevens: From Hollywood to Nuremberg is curated by…


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Breton Fish Stew or La Cotriade d'Armor

My most interesting coastal culinary journey finally comes to an end with a final stop at a well known seaside resort in Brittany.  While my dispatches from the front lines were well received, the credit card statements arrived at the office earlier than I had hoped which lead to my being recalled stateside. It has been a fulfilling journey…


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Sous les ponts de .......... New York!

Avec les 2nd grade, nous avons travaillé sur le thème des ponts en social studies. Les élèves ont découvert certains ponts de Paris, puis certains ponts de Perpignan (que leurs correspondants connaissent bien). Tout ceci sous forme de diaporama.

Puis, chacun a été invité à dessiner son pont préféré, ou un pont imaginaire, puis à s'exprimer sur ce qu'il y a…


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A Language en Vogue: As French loses its place in U.S. public schools, in New York City it thrives.

The Curwin girls, ages ten, eight and six, move between French and English the way their figure skates glide over ice. Their parents have to stand outside the rink. Roxanne Mendoza, their mother, understands about half of what they say when they talk among themselves or with their French-speaking nanny, one of several the Curwins…


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