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Echange Culturel a Lomme, dans La Voix du Nord

Hier notre concert et stage ont etait bien recu par le public de Lomme, une commune associee de Lille.

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Digital Schoolbag


The City of Besançon was founded 2,000 years ago near what is now the Swiss border. A university town and regional capital, it grew wealthy from the manufacture of clocks and watches, metallurgy, textiles and food-processing – until global competition for timepieces in the 1970s sent the economy into severe decline. The community fought back by leveraging its universities and…

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La Revue de Presse du 19 Mai 2010

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Publicité du journal Le Parisien

Je vous invite à regarder cette publicité pour le journal Le Parisien qui me semble vraiment très drôle:
Publicité Le Parisien

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Ozark: le premier chateau fort Made in USA !

Le 1er mai 2010 fera date dans l’histoire des Etats-Unis. Au printemps, s’ouvre au public le premier château-fort en construction sur le sol américain. Rêve illuminé ou projet visionnaire ? En Arkansas, l’aventure de la forteresse médiévale d’Ozark soulève l’enthousiasme.

Quelque part dans les montagnes de l’Arkansas, une clairière bordée de cèdres dont le parfum boisé embaume l’air. Ici, des hommes du XXIe siècle s’affairent à la… Continue

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DUB INC Jump Up NY Tour !! French reggae in New York from June 18th to June 23rd 2010

DUB INC in New York!

Formed in St. Etienne in 1997 and often labeled as “French Reggae”, DUB INC’s sound is actually an immersion of an incredibly diverse array of

musical influences, ranging from traditional North African music to

Hip-Hop. The band’s two lead vocalists embody this diversity, as one

sings in a characteristically raga tone, while the other uses a more

“far eastern” style. This gives the group a unique voice to the world,

artistically and… Continue

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Guest Editor
Happy Belated Mother's Day

To all women who are mothers and to all of you who mother others: Happy Belated Mother's day!

Now that YOU have been celebrated and received the customary/mandatory flowers, card or for the luckiest the handmade noodle necklace... let's talk about all the other mothers out there, in

dire need of a celebration too.

First your own Mom, who -despite all her faults and by now I hope your therapist agrees with you- survived…


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French Culture Nights Bring the Paris Latin Quarter to You!

The warm air of May brings memories of Paris, and French Culture Nights brings you the next best thing. Join us for Paris Latin Night with jazz singer JESSICA MEDINA on Wednesday, May 19.

Each monthly French Culture Nights features a mix of visual and performance arts, in a casual but elegant…


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Une Française à NY

Quel est votre parcours ?

Je m'appelle Laurence, je vis à New York depuis 7 ans. Après une Maitrise de Philosophie à la Sorbonne, et des années d'enseignement en banlieue parisienne, j'ai eu l'opportunité de m'expatrier par un membre de ma famille. Je suis…


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The Oyster Is My World - New York, New York

“The world is my oyster“ is one of the most widely used proverbs. It comes from Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor (1600) in Act II, Scene II and goes: Falstaff: I will not lend thee a penny. Pistol: Why, then, the world's mine oyster, Which I with sword will open. It’s quite poetic and there’s a reason why it appeals to so many…


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Chercher journaliste - échange culturel a Lille

We are featured today in the Indie Spotlight for the Music Industry News Network for our Cultural Exchange Concert & Master Class Coming up in Lomme, France (Lille, Pas de Calais).

The article is in French and English.

We are seeking…

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LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD New Documentary: Only NY screening! Reserve Now!!!

Only New York Screening of New documentary on Alain Resnais’

Last Year at Marienbad

to Benefit NYU’s Maison Française

Thursday, May 20, 6:30 p.m.

Diane von…

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Paul Leclerc New Chair of Advisory Board Of Columbia's Maison Française & Dept of French

NEW YORK, May 07, 2010 —…


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Guest Editor
When the Cat is Away...

The mice will play ! Bien sur.

What an enchantement it was to talk with Nadia Stieglitz, founder of Mice at Play. Our conversation was bubbling with ideas and giggles. Like her, it was fun, relaxed and wickedly titillating. The French-born piquante

brunette is my kind of girl. She wants women to rediscover the lost Art

of Playing,"live in the moment, on the edge, and with gusto".

Do you…


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Heartstealing heartbreaker.

America’s new sweetheart is coming straight out of France. Rookie director Pascal Chaumeil’s… Continue

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Guest Editor
French kissing: la langue française.

Les Français adorent s’amuser des gaffes que font…


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Guest Editor
Where the Chef is as delicious as the food!

Photo by Jeff Mermelstein

Last night I had dinner at Degustation and let me tell you, it was heaven! This tiny place is a gem where the food is delicious, delectable and divine - or was it the Chef?

I might have to say both.

Degustation serves Tapas Extraordinaires - small exquisite dishes from Spain- that melt in your mouth. The restaurant only seats 16 people around a large bar that faces Chef Wesley Genovart, from which I

had a hard time…


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Bon premier mai à tous et à toutes!

Added by Fanny Grosse on May 1, 2010 at 7:51am — 3 Comments

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