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Francophone Power Couple Launches Book in Chelsea

There couldn’t have been a better setting to launch a book about Africa, than at the Skoto Gallery in Chelsea, where amid the unique art…


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Pardon MY French NYC interviews Fabrice Jaumont on his New York experience and his bilingual revolution.

Pardon My French NYC is a bi-lingual radio show where our French speaking expat  share their American adventures with emotion and humor, starting with NY.

What did they bring and what made them stay?



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New French DLP program finds home in Bed-Stuy

Deep in the heart of Bed-Stuy lays PS 3 or the "Bedford Village School." The school will open a French Dual Language Program next September. On the outside it looks like any old NYC public school. However when I took a step inside it was like taking a step into a different world. With only a few steps I saw a…


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Are you French-manners ready? (French gallantry)

french gallantry

So do you know how to dance?

You know, it is the man that leads the lady!

Do you know how this came to be?

The answer may surprise you, which is why I wrote the article below!

Check it out for some must-know tips, and watch the video for a French lead!

(This week: verb CONDUIRE – to…


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Are you French-manners ready? (back to the fork)

back to the fork

So have you ever had a friend whose table manners were so bad that you wonder how they got to be your friend?

Hihi, just kidding, I’m sure that doesn’t happen often, but with the French, you can’t be too careful, no?

Table manners are…


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NOT-TO-BE-MISSED: Free screening of cult film "La Haine" on Friday, June 27!

LA HAINE By Mathieu Kassovitz With Vincent Cassel,Hubert Koundé, Saïd Taghmaoui

1995 | Drama | Rated R | 1h38

After a riot in the suburbs of Paris, Abdel is left in a coma, having been beaten up while in police custody. His hot-headed friend Vinz finds a gun lost by a…


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An Embassy Graduation


Most people can’t say that they had their 5th grade graduation take place at an Embassy. The students of PS58, PS84, and the New York French-American Charter School are some of the lucky few that can say they did.…


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French lessons designed for you


Français de langue maternelle, multiculturel, bien éduqué, riche d’expériences, ancien étudiant en communication et diplômé en Philosophie, je donne des cours de Français aux adultes ou enfants. Selon vos besoins je peux adapter mes cours : conversation, business, initiation, grammaire, vocabulaire, culturel générale et culture française, etc.

Disponible sur NYC tous les jours de la semaine de 10h à 20h, chez vous ou dans un espace publique, vous pouvez me contacter…


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French Dual Language Teacher Position Available -September 2014

The Clinton Hill School - PS 20, located in the heart of Brooklyn, will be expanding our French Dual Language program to First Grade in September 2014. We are looking for an exceptional French Bilingual Teacher to fill this position. 

The candidate must have New York State Certification, American citizenship and/or permanent residency, and be fluent in French and English.

In September 2014 - 2015, the French Dual Language Program will have two…


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The Bilingual Revolution Spreads To New Jersey


Dual language programs are contagious- they're catching fire all over the country, specifically in New Jersey where in Englewood Cliffs, Robert L. Kravitz, superintendent of schools, is making transformative change to the monolingual teaching environment that he stepped into just two years ago.


If one walks through the halls of the Pre-K…


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Have fun in French this summer at the Bonjour NY summer Camp

Join Bonjour NY for a wonderful summer filled with French and Fun! Enjoy Bonjout NY's new activities: GleeRobotics, Rock Climbing, Photo Safari, cooking and many more…

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On Board the La Fayette: The ‘Vehicle’ for Bilingual Exchange


A ‘petit morceau de France’ ported at the New York harbor in June, not only to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, but also to altruistically transport over 4,000 books that Adiflor, AMOPA…


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Free screening of "The Women on the 6th Floor" in Tompkins Sq. this Friday, June 20!

THE WOMEN ON THE 6TH FLOOR (Les Femmes du 6e Etage)

By Philippe Le Guay

With Fabrice Luchini

2010 | Comedy | G | 1h42

Jean-Louis lives a peaceful bourgeois existence in his Parisian apartment with his neurotic socialite wife Suzanne.…

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NEW DATE: Free screening of "Buffet Froid" in Washington Sq. this Sunday, June 15!


By Bertrand Blier

With Gérard Depardieu, Jean Carmet, Michel Serrault, Bernard Blier

1979 | Black Comedy | R | 1h29 | Rialto Pictures

Starting with a random and absurd stabbing in a…

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10 Tips for Enjoying Films on the Green by A. Stephan

Although it would be hard not to enjoy a Films on the Green screening, here are some helpful tips to make your viewing experience the best possible.


What could be better while watching a French movie than a baguette in hand and some brie? If that doesn’t appeal, pack whatever you’d prefer and have something to munch on during the…


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Quirky - Participez à notre Evaluation de Produits : 24/06/14 à 19h00

Nous sommes Quirky, l’entreprise qui rend l’invention accessible ! Nous sélectionnons les meilleures idées d'inventions ayant été proposées sur 
fr.quirky.com et les transformons en produits de…


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Are you French-manners ready? (pay a visit… de bon ton)


So when was the last time you had to pay someone a visit?

You know that the French have some specific rules of etiquette that you should know if you don’t want to upset your future…


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Are you French-manners ready? (Greeting)

So when was the last time you greeted someone?

It may seem simple enough, but if you don’t greet Parisians properly, you might find yourself in trouble!

It’s always worth knowing how to avoid such mistakes!

Check out the…


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Is this a funky Father's Day gift idea?

Bonjourrr !

What is a default gift for Father's Day?

Socks? A kinky tie? Cigars?


What if you gave him the key to become a French Verbal Genius, just by sitting back and watching videos for only 5 minutes / day?


In one year, he'll be the proud Verbal Genius for everyone who wants to go to Paris and speak French.


By  next summer, he'll teach you how to use l'imparfait or le…


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