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Burkinabé in New York


New York City boasts of a vibrant Burkinabé community of 6,000. Among them are students, models, and musicians.…


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Joyeux Noël - Merry Christmas

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Second Language Acquisition by the Numbers


Open more French English dual language programs in NYC public Schools

Donate now:…


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Nigerians in New York

In 2008, the Nigerian government's efforts to fund the teaching of French at the basic and tertiary levels solidified the country's desire to make French an official language of the country, along with English. This effort marks a supported undertaking to establish a francophone presence in Nigeria, but the country's geographic proximity to francophone countries called…


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Last minute - Nanny job


Je dois quitter mon travail de nanny auprès de deux familles américaines, avec lesquelles j'ai apprécié travailler. C'est avec regret que je dois les quitter, mais j'ai eu un full time dans mon domaine professionnel. Il faut dans un premier temps les dépanner à Noel :

voici les dates :

Thur 12/26 9-12:30 pm (take her up to the gym)
Fri 12/27 9-12:30 pm (take her up to the gym)
Mon 12/30…

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Le développement des classes bilingues dans les écoles publiques va de pair avec celui des entreprises françaises

A New York, de plus en plus d'employés de grandes banques, d'entreprises high-tech, de cosmétiques, d'assurance ou de la restauration ont la chance de scolariser leurs enfants dans les programmes bilingues des écoles publiques de la ville. Ces programmes existent grâce à un effort collectif et des partenariats privés et publics. A mes yeux, le développement de ces programmes va de pair avec celui des entreprises qui cherchent à réussir à New York, favorisant…


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How to Teach Things to Young Children

By David Pino

How to Teach Things to Preschool Children

As adults, we often think of play in terms of fun and relaxation, or we trivialize it as a waste of time because it doesn't seem to accomplish anything. However, play is a primary way for young children to learn. Through play, young children learn about social relationships, social skills,…


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Help your children learn French - Host a French Au Pair

Hi, my name is Vanessa Marie.  I am 26 years old, and I come from France.  I would like to be your live in Au Pair.  I love children.  I have experience taking care of children from 17 months to 7 years old.  I also have experience taking care of multiple children.  I am nurse aid, good driver, and have my own health insurance.   It would be a pleasure to take care of your children and teach them our beautiful language.  Call 617-312-6880

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Just Say "No" to No in November - And Throughout the Year

By Mary Lou Johnson

A very nice mother, who brought her 20-month-old, who said very few words, to my office for therapy, said "no" or "don't" at least once a minute during our 1 hour session. Hearing this word so often put it very high in the child's awareness and vocabulary. She was troubled by his negative behavior and frequent use of the word "no".…


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Fabrice Jaumont présente sur BFM-TV la campagne de levée de fonds pour les classes bilingues

Classe bilingue dans les écoles publiques New... by BFMBUSINESS

Le 14 décembre, la campagne de levée de fonds pour…


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How to Help Active Children Learn Sight Words Easily

By Sarah K Major

I've sometimes felt like I was attempting to capture fireflies when I've tried to teach very active children to read. Of course if I had the child to work with, it is because he or she was not doing well in the regular classroom. I've personally gone to great lengths to stay in pace with a very active child... following him to the floor…


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Action Directe Sahel: Association pour la recherche et la diffusion de l'eau en Afrique

Watch how Action Directe Sahel has been building wells in dry regions of West Africa for over twenty years.

Contribute to bringing water to regions of West Africa with your donations. 

More information available on the link:…


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Hello. J'arrive le 18 Décembre prochain pour 18 mois - Je recherche donc une colloc sympatique pour 12 mois pr commencer , sur Manhattan près des lignes de metro 1-2-3 / A and C - Max budget : 1500 dolls.

Si vous connaissez des agences de collocs ( sauf urban living ) ou qq1 qui recherche , please help !

Inbox :

Merci beaucoup !

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6th Annual French-American Entrepreneurship Award Competition Opens

The French-American Entrepreneurship Award is open to company founders who are 35 years of age or under and are fluent in both French and English. Geared to early stage projects (three years or fewer in business), eligible entries must offer a product or service that is commercially viable with a demonstrated ability to generate revenues.


The winner of…


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Visual Tracking and the Development of Early Literacy

By Gwenn DeAnge

One of the most important and fundamental skills a child must learn in the development of reading skills is visual tracking. As experienced readers we have developed the habit of scanning a line of text from left to right and from the top of the page to the bottom, but for a young child just starting out this ability to track automatically is…


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Beanstalk French - Spanish - Circus- Winter/ Spring Registration open!!

Dear all,

Beanstalk is proud to offer new classes, camps and in school program to our community!



Winter/Spring 2014 Schedule and registration:




Our classes serve children as young as 16 months and up…


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How You Can Deal With Preschool Children With Behavioral Problems

By Olushola George Otenaike

Preschool children are great to be with and their curiosity for knowledge as well as their ways of imitating adults will really amaze you. However, you shouldn't expect this to last long because preschoolers are noted for some behaviors that may not be easy to handle. Aggressive behaviors such as biting,…


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Say “Hello” to French Morning English!

It’s a website dedicated to all things franco, but that hasn’t stopped French Morning from going bilingual. On Tuesday evening, some 150 people gathered at the Maison de la région Languedoc-Roussillon in Manhattan to officially launch the English…


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Three Simple and Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

By Grace T Thompson

I can't emphasize enough how important it is for kids to learn about money-not just what they can do with it, but also the best way to use it. There are so many opportunities for parents to point out simple concepts of how to use money to their kids. Teaching your kids how to be money smart is the first lesson on how to be successful…


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Les Revenants marathon airings at Sundance Channel

Sundance Channel will have marathon screenings of all eight episodes of the hit and acclaimed French series Les Revenants (…


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