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Bilingual Booms in Brooklyn

It was a rainy morning on December the 23rd, but whether it was pre-holiday cheer or the children's natural joy - there was nothing but sunshine within the walls of the three Brooklyn schools we visited.
It was manifested in the form of songs, math exercises, and linguistic exchanges. These Franco-Anglophone linguistic exchanges to be exact. For the…

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Guest Editor
Résultats du concours d'autoportraits French Heritage 2014

Bravo à Diana Casseus, de International High School for Health Sciences dans le Queens! Elle remporte le 1er prix du concours "Moi, Nouvel Américain"!

Organisé par le French Heritage Language Program à New York, le concours avait pour objectif de mettre en lumière des communautés francophones…


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La Chorale franco-américaine de New York chante Noël au Consulat ce vendredi 19

C’est l’heure de réviser vos classiques. « Douce nuit », « White Christmas », « La Marche des Rois »: la Chorale franco-américaine de New York fêtera Noël en musique au Consulat de…


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Parlez Vous Franglais?

Franglais,Spanglish, Italish (?)  Ok, maybe I made that last one up.  The point is that languages are often mixed together to form a blend between them.  A blend, even, between European and American cultures.  It's language that breaks down barriers, and that allows us to understand each other.  So why don't we take a greater interest in them?  One could say that learning a new language is hard, that it's tedious, that…


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Bring bilingual education to children in NYC public schools!

The French Dual Language Program, an initiative of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and FACE Foundation, provides high-quality bilingual education to children in public schools across New York City.  Currently 1,300 students are served by this program but the need is far greater with 22,000 children living in French-speaking homes with little or no…


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"Ayiti Cheri", A French Artist J.R. Inside Out Group Action Art Project in Haiti

We are two teachers, one in Saint-Marc, Haiti and one in New York City, USA, who are dedicated to the education of young girls in Haiti. We would like to raise awareness of education of girls in Haiti. We plan to paste the posters on outdoor walls in Saint-Marc, Haiti. The title of our project, "Ayiti Cheri", is Haitian Creole for "Haïti Chérie". We wanted the name of the project to be in Haitian Creole, because it is the first language of the children we teach. Children are expected…


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Don't miss Rameau's Nephew by Denis Diderot (1713 – 1784)

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Cult Toys of the 20th Century at Albertine Books

In this interactive and playful workshop, children will draw and imagine classic and modern toys, rank them in chronological order, and identify those that have lasted through generations.

In Jouets Cultes du XXe siècle, author Dorothée Charles, along with Brigitte Durieux, Claire Didier and photographer Laziz Hamani, showcase 50 iconic toys of the 20th…


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Free Children's Workshop at Albertine Books: In Search of Little Marcel

While everyone else is asleep, little Alix discovers a boy named Marcel sitting in her closet. He seems to come straight from the Gilded Age, and when she meets him, Marcel is looking for a good title to give the book he is holding on his knees. The following morning, Alix shares her nocturnal adventures with her cousin Clarisse, and from then on the two girls…


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French (and Chinese) Book Fair and Winter Festival!

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Fête et vente de livres en français à Science, Language & Arts International School (SLA)

Bonjour à tous,
Je voulais vous informer que Science, Language…

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Looking for a French Speaking Weekend Nanny/Babysitter/Mother's Helper

We are looking for someone to help us out on the weekends with our two wonderful children: our 2.5 year old boy, and our sweet 9 month old girl. Every weekend is different, so we need someone who is flexible.

Candidate should have experience with infants, be comfortable being home (or out at the park etc.) with two children at once. If go away for the weekend or have a late night event, candidate should be available to spend the night. Candidate needs to be able to…


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