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Plaisanterie (with a moral)

There was a mouse that lived in a house with a large cat, always in fear.  He ate when he could, sometimes barely escaping the cat, and so was always hungry.

One day he hears "woof, woof."  Ah, he thinks, at last, a dog.  This will keep the cat at bay, and since the dog has no quarrel with me, I can finally enjoy a full and relaxed meal.

So the petite souris ran out of hiding, straight into the claws of the cat, who looked at him before eating him and…


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Conference at City University of NY: Endangered regional languages of France

As our planet becomes more globalized it is expected that thousands of languages will become extinct by the end of the century. We ask that you join BZH New York as we team up with other French regional associations of NY (Alsace, Basque, Corsica) for a conference at City University of NY to highlight the endangered status of regional…


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