BLEU BLANC ROUGE Art colony classes from Sept to June en francaisArt science visit Museum cookingSCHOOL HOLIDAYS ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!Fill your child's day off with a day spent with BLEU BLAN…

 BLEU BLANC ROUGE Art colony classes
from Sept to June en francais
Art science visit Museum cooking
Fill your child's day off with a day spent with BLEU BLANC ROUGE!
One-Day Art Colony Classes run 10 AM-4 PM,
with supervised play from 8-10 AM & 4-5 PM or more negotiable !

Dear parents, Dear BLEU BLANC ROUGE NY families,

first of all, Cecile and I  would like to thank you all for being part of the BLEU BLANC ROUGE NY Family. We are exited and pleased about this summer 2015 and have had may fun events planned along way. I would  I am planning some great activities for my twins caroline and charlotte 7 during school holidays and 1/2 day school and I am looking for 3 other friends to join the fun!
you can sing by day or week during calendar year

The kids will enjoy such activities as playground, Art, science Lab, Cooking, Outdoor games, museum, sports and Trip.

I ‘ve create, worked in summer camp for over 5 years, if you would like to learn  I am creatively, you can visit my facebook BLEUBLANCROUGEfrench .

I look forward to spending this time with my girls and can ’t wait to see who will join us on our adventure!

Testimony :As you know, it is always a great pleasure to help you and host your BLEU-BLANC-ROUGE Summer Camp that is always a well designed, creative camp of full fun and international friendships, and always well infused in the local and international community. EINY is happy to be an active part of your happy camp.

Bleu Blanc Rouge was a wonderful experience for my kids Anna and Paul ! It really exceeds our expectations. BBR is really unique ! It is like a big family in vacation. They had a lot of cultural activities ( museums ...) sport everyday ( tennis, basketball) and craft activities. BBR is safe and a fun place for kids !Thank you Brigitte for all you attention and making this summer camp a great experience for my kids. .Catherine

Recommended by Fabrice Jaumont, French Wink, French Morning. by children from Barbados, Canada, Cairo , New York…

French classes after school- Saturday  from 45 -90 minutes

BLEU BLANC ROUGE réservation 1 212 780 0932

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