Join author and educator Fabrice Jaumont at one of the following events in New York, Boston, and Washington! He will present his new book The Bilingual Revolution: The Future of Education is in Two Languages, and will sign copies (French and English) at each event.



October 14             Book Signing at Woops! Greenpoint,      New York, NY

October 17             Book Talk at La Maison d’Art, Harlem     New York, NY

October 20-22        The Bilingual Revolution in DC,               Washington, DC

October 28             La Culture Oui, but Why! at LFNY          New York, NY

November 2           Book Talk, French Cultural Center,          Boston, MA

November 4           Book Talk at NYC Bilingual Fair,               New York, NY

November 4           Book Signing at Ich Bin Expat Fair,          New York, NY



The book The Bilingual Revolution tells the story of a grassroots movement that emerged out of the dedicated involvement of motivated parents, educators, and community actors willing to create and support dual language programs in New York City public schools.
Books in French and English will be available for purchase during all events. Order it now with 20% discount on TBR Books with coupon code : NYIF



Nicknamed the “Godfather of Language immersion programs” by the New York Times in 2014, Fabrice Jaumont has more than 25 years of experience in international education and in the development of multilingual programs. He has put his expertise directly at the service of the French, Italian, Japanese, German and Russian communities of the United States by helping them to develop quality bilingual programs in their local public schools.


The book stands on the edge of the nascent bilingual revolution running through the U.S. school system —Conor Williams,  New America’s Education Policy Program
This masterpiece will be indispensable for parents and educational leaders in the USA and abroad. —Bill Rivers, Joint National Committee on Languages – National Council for Language & International Studies
The Bilingual Revolution is must-read for every parent, every teacher, every administrator interested in creating and supporting best dual language programs for the 21st Century. —Marcelo Suárez-Orozco, Dean of Education, UCLA


Dr. Fabrice Jaumont played a leadership role in this grassroots movement and he has just written a book about it. The Bilingual Revolution describes what happened and gives the necessary ingredients for those who plan to start a [dual-language] program. – François Grosjean for Psychology Today
In his work, The Bilingual Revolution, Fabrice Jaumont encourages students’ parents to petition their local authorities, approach schools, and create dual-language programs in their neighborhoods. It seems the “bilingual revolution” will be fought by families. – France-Amérique
Over the years, Fabrice Jaumont has coached parents, both Francophone and others, to participate in the “bilingual revolution” in the New York public schools. Now, he’s releasing a book about his experiences. – French Morning

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