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Cooking with children can be a delicious learning experience for the whole family. From baking cookies to measuring ingredients and printing out recipe cards, there are many activities that will entice your child into trying something new. It is true that cooking with kids requires time and patience, but many experts believe that it is well worth the effort.

Sharing your kitchen with your little ones encourages their interest in cooking and helps them develop healthy eating habits. Kids can learn new words, mathematical concepts, and easy recipes such as fruit salad and pita bread pizza. With toddlers, you can talk about which foods are healthy and why. Children can help set the table, measure ingredients, and serve food. They can also help do the dishes and clean the table.

When cooking with children, focus on kid friendly recipes that encourage them to explore new foods and learn about healthy eating. Invite your kid to choose a recipe, make a list of ingredients, and shop for them. Cooking activities can help children get interested in trying new foods that they would normally refuse. Encouraging them to try healthier foods is not the only benefit of cooking as a family. There are many good reasons for cooking with kids and involving them in food preparation:

- The opportunity for children to develop an appreciation for cooking

- Quality time spent with children and their parents

- Children are more likely to try healthy foods that they've helped prepare

According to the American Heart Association, cooking with children helps reduce the number of meals eaten outside the home and involves kids in food preparation, meal planning, and shopping. Getting your kids in the kitchen has both short-term and long-term payoffs. Teaching your children to prepare kid friendly recipes has many benefits:

- Kids aren't spending time in front of TV while they are cooking

- Kids feel like they are contributing to the family

- Kids who learn to cook may be more likely to eat healthy as adults

- Parents spend quality time with their children

- Cooking activities can help build self confidence

Whenever you have time, consider cooking with your children and teach them kid friendly recipes that they can easily prepare. Show them how to crack and separate eggs, use the electric mixer, and cut vegetables. Always keep in mind that learning to cook is a skill that your kids can use for the rest of their lives.

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