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Do you want to master the secrets of the French language so that you can make conversation even if you are a beginner, and impress your friends with your confidence?

Here is your Thursday's quote, a fun start to your practice:

« Un homme ne doit jamais rougir d'avouer qu'il a tort ; car, en faisant cet aveu, il prouve qu'il est plus sage aujourd'hui qu'hier. »

~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Do you agree?

Write the translation (or your opinion) in the comments below, in French. Yes, you are welcome to use the dictionary!


Find out if you’re ready to immerse yourself in the Parisian language with natives!

Contact me for a free rendez-vous, where I'll help you with your biggest challenges, so that you can jump into conversation more easily and worry less about struggling for words when you are speaking with natives:


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