Following the tragic events in Paris I received many letters of support from schools around the United States. All showed great compassion and empathy to the people of France, and organized events and gatherings to show their support, like the one featured here. This picture was taken by Amy Flatow, photography instructor at MS51 in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The gathering was orchestrated by Brigitte De Wever who coordinates the school’s vibrant French dual language program. She and Asnath Fleuriot do a wonderful job teaching in the French dual language program. Their students wanted to express their sympathy and offer comfort to their pen-pals in Paris.

This terrible attack only makes me think about the important role education plays in guiding the thinking of young people as we strive for peace. I congratulate Principal Lenore Dileo Berner for her students' and teachers' gesture. MS51's French program is alive and well! It has the benefit of very involved parents and dedicated teachers, and offers many special programs like the French dual language program. The school is a great option for families seeking a great public middle school with a strong French program in New York.

More information about the school:

MS 51 – William Alexander Middle School,
350 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: (718) 369-7603 | Fax: (718) 499-4948

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