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Practice and learn a language

OtherLang allows you to practice the language you are studying on a regular basis and it provides at the same time personalized learning to improve your proficiency

A community to help you

The free mobile and web app OtherLang allows you to find easily and right away members to chat online with, on topics of interest to you

Personalized learning

OtherLang offers appropriate vocabulary based on your language level and strengthens skills important to you

Start a conversation very easily

Starting a discussion in a foreign language is not always easy. OtherLang offers you to start a chat very easily: you read a short article on one of the many topics suggested and the app connects you with native speakers who share your different interests and have the needed abilities to help you to progress.

Learn a language while chatting

Throughout your discussion, OtherLang helps you to exchange with your contacts. You can access lexicons based on your language level to improve your vocabulary. For each message, your contacts can correct a word or can explain a grammatical item to make you progress in the language you are studying. Lastly, at any time, you can access a dictionary to understand the meaning of a word.

Improve your language level depending on your needs

To learn a language, vocabulary and grammatical notions need to be acquired. With OtherLang, no long boring courses: we start from your exchanges to illustrate in a simple and clear way a knowledge to consolidate. Your learning is personalized according to your level, whether you are beginner or more advanced, and your needs, whether your learn for personal or job-related reasons.

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