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Be a Traveler NOT a Tourist. Explore the gems of Paris through the eyes of an expert. Gain an insider’s scoop on how to: communicate, navigate, eat, shop, party, gallery hop, and blend in like a boss on that too-long-prolonged Paris holiday.

LFBK head teacher: Emile Bertherat – French Native and 20 + years Paris resident has explored, caroused and dined in all the best known, lesser known, not-to-miss, definitely-avoid, hippest, over and underexposed spots the City of Lights has to offer.

Under the LFBK Full Fluency model: this workshop will leave you 100% prepared to take on Paris. A fast-moving three-hour tour leaves both someday and soon-to-be vacationers set with:

  • Enough French Language education to deftly and accurately eat, shop, commute, and begin to communicate in French-worth finesse
  • About town and out of town trekking how-to,
  • Only-a-local would know sightseeing intel – the hot spots and the secret spots,
  • Dining tips and tasty leads,
  • Gratuity best practices (Don’t be a waiter hater!),
  • Where to stay – find a palace at pauper’s price,
  • Underground expertise – the best way to better the subway,
  • Regional day trips: Wine country, country-country via car or tram,
  • Urban and surrounding topographical temptations,
  • Shop-a-holic sensations – a boutique brush up, and more!

Each student (aka passenger) will leave class with course summary PDF to keep and reference, an excellent visual resource before and during your visit. This essential takeaway includes:

  • Maps,
  • Language and grammar to reference,
  • Inspiring Images, and
  • Course highlights.

#truthbomb: Travel can be lonely. Without a guide, Paris, although inspiring, can feel unfriendly, intimidating for the most vetted urbanite.

Fear not, Emile’s got you covered!

In only three short hours – you will embark all set to feel at home on your adventure abroad.

Tickets are $75 – 10% discount for locomoting friends and lovers

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