At Fordham University, a small group of students takes a theatre class in French during the first semester. Hélène Godec, their teacher, offer them to study a French Play called « Zucco » written by Bernard-Marie Koltes.

A few of them find the time to give us their feelings about the French Langage and Culture, and also about bilinguism.

Amelia, Claire, Phoebe and Megan started to learn French about 9 years ago. They were all curious about the French culture, and most of the times, so their parents. They all have differents idea of the bilinguism. For some, it’s the ability to hold a complete conversation with a native speaker. For other, it also includes the ability to write the langage without any mistakes.

They are all agree about how great it is to speak differents langage, not only for their job opportunities but also to open their mind to other cultures and other people, to be able to travel in other country, understand and share with the people you live with.

This class is very impressive. The play use many  specifics and difficults expressions to pronounce and also to understand. They don’t have a lot of time to learn this and a lot to think about : the learning and undesrtanding of the text, it pronounciation, their moving, their emotions and the context of the play.

Those students are really busy, but also realy determined to succeed. If you want to spend a good time with great students and their amazing director, you should drop by.

Meet them at Fordham University 113 West 60th Street, close to Columbus Drive, on Saturday 9th December 2017 at 6pm.

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