Bonjour !

Can you pronounce all the French words that you know correctly and with ease?

That's right!

You can try to learn the pronunciation for each word at a time, or you can guess, but you are most of the timefrustrated for not having a guide that you can rely on.

Something that you can go back to and check to see if you were right, or - for new words - what is their pronunciation in the first place.

My students asked me to find a guide for them and I tried to find a resource, but I couldn't find one that has the rules, the explanation of the exceptions as well as the sample pronunciation to help them practice.

Such a resource simply doesn't exist.

So I created it.

That's right, the Pronunciation Master Class course is nowhere else to find, and it contains:
- over 70 rules of pronunciation,
- the exceptions to the rules, and
- over 200 words recorded that you can practice with.

More than that, I added a BONUS of 6 (six) Skype classes to help with the pronunciation practice and refining.

After this, you'll NEVER make a pronunciation or spelling mistake again. 


Read more about the J'Ouellette® Pronunciation Master Class and register now - this offer is up for a very limited time!

Merci beaucoup ! :) 



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