Seven Important Developmental Aspects of Preschoolers

The three year old will begin to experience the joy of self-expression in the areas of music, science, arts & crafts, movement, story hour, cooking and organized games in various supervised play areas. also emphasizes learning to share with friends and developing self-help skills and respect for others and materials.

Pretend play

Children acting out real life or imaginary experiences are trying to make sense or feel in control of their world.


Scrubbing, tearing, cutting, painting, rolling and pounding clay are all art experiences that help children learn how the mind and hands can work together to create. Art assists in gaining control of hand muscles, which is necessary for pre-writing. Art experiences can also prepare children for math and science by using colors, textures, forms and shapes.


Written and spoken words will help children develop a love for reading that will flourish over a lifetime. When children use their own language to express feelings or thoughts, they begin to feel the power of speech. When they sing, listen to poetry, are read to, and are given time to review books, they experience the joy of the written word.

Music and movement

Music and moving the body informally help provide children with a physical outlet. Soothing music can ease fears and anxiety, whereas dance music can help children develop motor skills, be silly and have fun. Singing helps children integrate new words into their vocabulary and experiment with speech patterns.


The doors to the world of math are opened wide with activities such as stacking blocks, pegboards and stringing beads, because they offer opportunities to classify, sequence, sort and match.


Decision making, planning, sharing, cooperating, sense of accomplishment and pre-math skills are just a few of the familiar skills that a child will develop in the block area.


Basic cognitive skills of cause and effect are all gained in this exploratory area.

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