The Smithsonian Institution is one of the oldest public research and cultural institutions in the United States.

The Institute's activities, which is also a research center, are aimed at broadening the knowledge of the general public, serving national interests and providing scholarships in the fields of art, science and history.

The basis of the museum list of Washington is the legendary state museums under the leadership of the Smithsonian Institution: the National Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of American History, the National Museum of African Art, Freire Art Gallery, the Artur M. Sackler Gallery, the National Art Gallery, the National Air and Space Museum, National Portrait Gallery, House of Arts and Industry, National Museum of American Art, National Museum builds The Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the National Postal Museum, the National Museum of American Indians, the Center for the History and Culture of Americans of African Descent, and the National Zoo.

Washington's historical museums, like books, reveal to the visitors the secrets of the formation of the United States, the prosperity of the capital and the life of the American people.
It is interesting that the Englishman James Smithson, after whom the institute was named, was never in the United States, but he bequeathed his entire fortune to the American people so that he founded an institution that would "spread and multiply knowledge among people."

By the way, it is at Smithson's will that the entrance to all the museums of the Smithsonian Institution is free.

To all for whom such words as Hewlett-Packard, Electronic Arts, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo! and Google - not an empty sound, of course, is familiar and the place with which the appearance of these world-famous companies - Stanford University, or the University of. Leland of Stanford Jr. (this is the full name), or shortly Stanford. It was at Stanford University that all of the above, and many other companies and corporations, worth millions of dollars, were born. And it is Stanford University, located in the very center of the Silicon Valley, and hence in the "epicenter" of the most progressive newest research, ranked second in the Academic Ranking of Universities of the World.

Each year, Stanford University receives about 6,700 students and 8,000 graduate students from the US and around the world.

One of the mandatory requirements for entering the university is a grammatically written motivation letter-essay. Not every student knows how to make this, so many of them are looking for people who know how to do it. Or they order it from various companies, mostly positive feedback refers to EduBirdie in Australia. The system of this resource allows for an individual

Founded in 1891 by the railroad magnate, US senator and former California governor Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Stanford, Stanford University was born in Leland Stanford (Jr.), who died in adolescence, and cost his creators 15 million. Stanford decided to dedicate the university to his only son, and Leland told his wife: "The children of California will be our children."

Then Stanford's motto became the words from Ulrich von Hutten "Die Luft der Freiheit weht" - "The wind of freedom is blowing".

And the wind really blows, and Stanford today has become the largest center of education in the whole Asia-Pacific region. That's why Stanford's spouses have not only "children of California", but also Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Oceania.

Today, Stanford has become a place where the advanced research in genetics, cultural anthropology, and neuroeconomics is conducted.
What to see
Visiting Stanford University, compatriots often share their impressions of the peculiarities of architecture and design of Stanford - even through this "shines" the desire for innovation, pragmatism, thoughtfulness and clarity.

The university campus stands on a plain between the hills, away from the bustling and cramped streets of the city. The terrain was designed by the landscape designer Frederick Lo Olmsted, who created the famous New York Central Park. The neo-Romanesque style and the Californian style of the Catholic missions are skillfully woven in the design of the building. In the central part of the campus, several squares are combined with the inner courtyard of the Main Square, the mosaic becomes the bright chord of the ensemble. You will look at all this and you will understand. The combination of colors, shapes and materials, carefully inscribed in the world of the sun, flowers, palm trees and squirrels, which seemingly are specially launched on the territory to complement this stunning style.

Stanford University

At Stanford University, special attention is paid to the humanities and medical sciences, and on the proceeds from the leasing of the Silicon Valley, the university was able to create a wealth of scientific research laboratories. Therefore, today it is Stanford that is the place where the advanced research in the field of genetics, cultural anthropology, neuroeconomics and in many other fields of science is conducted.

Stanford gave the world several Nobel Prize laureates. Among the renowned graduates of the University are: IBM, Len Bosak and Sandy Lerner, an expert in artificial intelligence, John McCarthy, Google founders - Sergey Brin and Larry Page, famous politicians - the 31st American president Herbert Hoover, the well-known to us Condoleezza Rice, actors, athletes, doctors, writers. Graduates of Stanford, leaving alma mater, come back here as teachers, lecturers or just guests. The key word is returned.

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