Although there are only approximately 2500 Togolese Americans in the United States, the majority of the population is reported to live in New York or Chicago.  


With that said, the Togolese Americans who live in New York have established LiftTogo, formerly the Association of Togolese Students in America (ATSA), representing the large majority of the Togolese diaspora who immigrated to the United States to further their education.  

LiftTogo is an association with a twofold mission: “First, to raise awareness and provide assistance to the underserved children living in Togo and other parts of Africa; Second, to provide advisement and resources for students from Togo who have immigrated to the U.S.” This mission represents the Togolese spirit of opportunity redistribution. With the help of the local New York community, LiftTogo is also working on raising awareness on the underdeveloped educational systems in Togo, and in Africa at-large.  



LiftTogo has a yearly Independence Day soccer competition, in addition to numerous summer activities such as barbecues and community development forums.

In addition to LiftTogo, the American Togolese Community (AMETOCO) is also a nonprofit organization that was created by Togolese Americans, “with the burning desire to fill in the existing gap, first between Togolese themselves leaving abroad and second between them and the motherland Togo.” The organization seeks to accomplish this goal by empowering Togolese Americans to organize yearly trips to Togo, centered on philanthropic initiatives, and by organizing community events within the borders of the United States.




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