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Learn French Brooklyn présente: “Le Sapin ébouriffé” // French Story Time and Book Signing

Learn French Brooklyn présente: “Le petit sapin ébouriffé” Lecture et dédicace du livre par l’auteure Caroline Perry

Un évènement pour toute la famille: Lecture par l’auteur et signature d’un livre magnifiquement écrit et délicatement illustré. Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter



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Etudiantes et étudiants de NYU recherchant des volontaires francophones

Nous sommes cinq étudiantes et étudiants en Master à l’Institut d'Études Françaises de NYU.  Dans le cadre d’un cours sur les migrants et expatriés francophones à New York, nous conduisons une petite étude sociologique sur les parents francophones à New York et les choix éducatifs qu’ils font pour leurs…


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TICKET GIVEAWAY: Coeur de Pirate at Irving Plaza on November 30th

Coeur de Pirate will be performing at Irving Plaza on November 30th.

Ten years ago, Béatrice Martin became known to the world as Coeur de pirate. Over the past decade, she has sold over 1.2 million albums, in addition to reaching 1.3 million fans on Facebook and 100 000 followers on Twitter and Instagram. On streaming platforms, 3…


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How Has Technology Changed Education?

Technology has engulfed almost all the major aspects of our life. While the case with the education system is no different. However, education is still the same in some ways as it had been around 600 years back.

Consider the example of a university level in medieval Italy. The scene back was quite similar to a modern classroom today. The teacher…


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7 Myths to Reconsider About the English-Learning Students

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the percentage of English-language learners (ELLs) in US schools is consistently increasing. Although much of the growth has been focused in urban areas, the increase in ELLs has spread across the entire nation.

Since newcomers and even experienced…


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Podcast Révolution Bilingue - Episode 1

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Free invitations to one of three exclusive performances of The Travels of Babar composed by Raphael Mostel - Nov. 2 & 3 at Florence Gould Hall, New York


The first performance in the U.S. of the new production of American composer Raphael Mostel’sTravels of Babar,”a multi-media composition based on Jean de…


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Salon de l'enseignement bilingue / Bilingual Fair

Bonjour à tous,

Je me permets de vous partager cet évènement organisé par FrenchMorning. Voici un rapide descriptif de la journée. Le salon de l'enseignement bilingue a pour but de concentrer tous les acteurs du bilinguisme (écoles, enseignants, éditeurs, scientifiques et parents) sur une…


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Smithsonian and Stanford Universities

The Smithsonian Institution is one of the oldest public research and cultural institutions in the United States.

The Institute's activities, which is also a research center, are aimed at broadening the knowledge of the general public, serving national interests and providing scholarships in the fields of art, science and history.

The basis of the museum list of Washington is the legendary state museums under the leadership of the …


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La Nouvelle Vague // New Wave Workshop at Learn French Brooklyn

Join us Friday, November 2nd from 6-8pm for a New Wave Cinema Workshop at The Yard Williamsburg! We’ll go behind the scenes and see in full color all the style, influences and methods of the radical artists and visionaries responsible for this seminal movement in French Cinema. Register…


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Open House at Learn French Brooklyn - October 17th 6-7:30PM

Join us this Wednesday, October 17th from 6-7:30pm for an Open House at The Yard Williamsburg for a lesson in survivalist French. Get a taste for our classes, served with a side of FAQs, and topped off with wine and cheese hors-d'oeuvres for all.

Learn a little, drink a little, laugh, and fall in LOVE with Learn French Brooklyn. Free to attend!



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Charles Aznavour makes the French cry one last time

charles aznavour

At 94, only 3 weeks ago, he had his last concert in Osaka.

He was awarded the 2,618th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 1998, Aznavour was named Entertainer of the Century by CNN and was dubbed France’s Frank Sinatra, after selling 180 million records.

Read the article below to find out more about Charles Aznavour, the master of melancholy, and watch the video for some sweet French tears:…


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Charles Aznavour funeral: the most important day for the French

charles aznavour funeral

So, are you familiar with Charle Aznavour’s music?

If you are not, you will be now.

Read the article to find out why Charles Aznavour’s funeral is the most important day for the French this year, and listen to the most popular of his songs to fall in love with him:…


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This Is Why You Should Be Skeptical To Learn French Online

Learn French Online

So, are you skeptical about learning French online?

You are right – you should be!

Read the article to find out why you should be skeptical to learn French online, and listen to the podcast to turn your skepticism around and make it work for yourself:…


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This is why your French lessons are boring and how to fix them

french lessons

So, are you trying to learn how to speak French, but your French lessons are boring?

Believe me, I’ve been there, and it’s no fun!

Read the article to find out how to make your French lessons more fun and engaging, and listen to the podcast to have fun today:…


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cua so troi Sunroof va Moonroof

Cửa sổ trời Sunroof và Moonroof khác nhau như thế nào trên ôtô?

Rất nhiều người thắc mắc khi đã có khái niệm cửa sổ trời Sunroof, thì bây giờ họ còn nghe thêm khái niệm cửa sổ trời Moonroof. Bài viết này chúng ta sẽ cùng tìm kiếm sự khác nhau giữa hai khái niệm này.

Ngày nay, trang bị cửa sổ trời là một trong những trang bị vô cùng phổ biến trên ô tô, nó dần xuất hiện rất phổ biến trên các mẫu xe phổ thông rẻ tiền chứ nó không còn được xem như là một tính…


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How to be confident: a new French language learning method

french language learning

So, do you second guess yourself when you have conversations in French?

Or maybe you’re not even trying to converse with the natives?

Read the article to find out how to be confident during your conversation using this new French language learning method and listen to the podcast to become more confident today:…


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How to use this surprising technique to learn French quickly

learn french

So, do you want to know a technique that will help you learn French and have conversation quickly?

It sounds too good to be true, no?

Read the article to find out what is this surprising technique that helps learn French quickly and listen to the podcast to use it today:…


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How to develop the habit of continuing education

The habit of continuing education is a constant, voluntary and self-motivated search for knowledge for personal and professional reasons. For many reasons, continuing education is no longer a choice, but a necessity, and in this article, we will try to understand why.

We study at school to get an education and, with some exceptions, it helps us to better understand the…


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How to find great French lessons for beginners on the Internet

French lessons for beginners

So, are you planning to learn French, and are not sure which online lessons are good for you?

There can be quite some work to weed out the good ones rom the bad ones, no?

Also, when you’re a beginner, you’re not sure what to look for either.

Read the article to find out how to find great French lessons for beginners on the Internet, and listen to the podcast to practice for a minute your French without much effort:…


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